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After the game in which Kentucky shot 27 for 70 from the field, Rupp said "Hell, they just whipped us. That's the story of the game. I hope to be back here again sometime. JPS Note - Although many writers have portrayed Rupp as downbeat immediately after the game [some have suggested that he didn't shake hands with Texas Western coach Don Haskins, a claim which will be discussed in detail and debunked later in this article ], it is interesting to contrast that with an actual audio clip from an interview after the game.

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Position Data of the ship by marinetraffic. Relevant equipment of the vessel provides non-stop training: International Regattas and Other Special Events Nadezhda sailing ship is famous, because it is the site of Far-Eastern Floating University that aims at research of the principal climate forcing in the north-western part of the Pacific Ocean and effect of climate change on maritime ecosystems of the Far-Eastern Seas, training of scientific personnel for work at the Far East in the sphere of environmental monitoring by the use of research performed by cadets and post-graduate students under the leadership of leading scientists of the Far East.

Nadezhda has been to more than 20 large-scale research expeditions in the sea from to under the Far-Eastern Floating University project that involves leading national and foreign scientific organizations.

The history of expeditions Thesises for the the sailing ship is as follows: In —in the first expedition of Nadezhda sailing ship in the sea, measurements of chlorophyll A concentration in the upper layer of the ocean were taken and first models of flow laser on-board fluorimeters were tested.

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In the sailing ship participated in expedition on biooptic and hydrochemical characteristics research of the Sea of Japan shelf waters and water near Sakhalin Island, as well as in tests of on-board laser spectrometers biooptic characteristics of the sea-water.

On-board laser spectrometers were tested for determining sea-water composition and also cells of Thesises for the, and on-board lidar unit for sounding of upper atmosphere layers. In within the expedition to Okhotsk Sea basin comprehensive research of characteristics that determine phytoplankton society development was performed, together with tests of new on-board laser spectrometers and sea truth measurements of chlorophyll A concentration.

In —during circumnavigation, comprehensive analyses of atmospheric aerosol, biooptic characteristics of the upper layers of the sea that show condition of phytoplankton society, meteorological characteristics, and sounding of the ocean upper-layer were carried out on board of the frigate.

Unique research of atmospheric aerosol transfer above the Red Sea in the period of sand-storms in the Sahara and Arabian Peninsula was performed. Biooptic characteristics of the upper layers of the sea were measured and sounding of Amper in the Atlantic Ocean. Data on organic matter renewal by phytoplankton society in different areas of the global sea were received and procedures of classification of phytoplankton society types by the rate of organic matter renewal were worked out.

Upper layer of the ocean was sounded. In Nadezhda sailing ship crossed the Amur mouth and went to Piltun Bay on the Sakhalin island where within the collaborative project with IFAW fund industrial acoustic impact on behavior of grey whales inhabiting the Okhotsk Sea was studied.

Thesises for the

In the ship went to the basin of Peter the Great Gulf, where measurements of biooptic characteristics of the sea-water were done to work out regional procedures for chlorophyll A concentration renewal. There laser sounding was used to perform research of lava ash microphysical characteristics, atmospheric aerosol, dynamics and vertical distribution of aerosol layers while the volcano eruption — the biggest eruption on the the Kuril e s for the recent years.

Inwithin international expedition to the Kuril e s and northen part of the Okhotsk Sea, on Nadezhda board research on phytoplankton society reaction to volcanoes eruptions and also influence of phytoplankton society on atmospheric aerosol. Effect of Sarychev Peak eruption on Matua ecosystem was studied as well.

In frigate set off for the Sea of Japan to perform research on effect produced at the environment after the Fucusima Nuclear Power Plant disaster. The expedition was organized by Russian Geographical society with participation of scientists and cadets of the State Marine Academy of G.

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In Nadezhda sailing ship participated in expedition on atmosphere and ocean monitoring and tests of MAKS remote controlled underwater vehicle. Nadezhda sailing ship constantly takes part in international regattas and festivals of sailing ships held in the Pacific. By visiting Russian and foreign seaports on regular basis and promoting history of the Russian navigation and navigational education in Russia, Nadezhda represents interests of Russia in the Asia-Pacific region.

In particular, in the ship became famous world-widely after its circumnavigation dedicated to the the first circumnavigation Russian sailors went for under the command of Ivan Kruzenshtern and Yuriy Lisyansky years ago.

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For 14 months and 3 days the sailing ship overcome about 45, nautical miles, entered 30 seaports in 20 states. During the navigation the frigate has crossed the equator three times. That was the first circumnavigation of the beginning of the 21st century.

In and Nadezhda sailing ship participated in miles races following from Nagasaki Japan to Yeosu the Republic of Korea and won the first prize both times. In the same year the ship went to Manila tour and entered Port of Manila Philippines. Negotiating conference on adoption of revised International Convention on training and certification of sailors and watchkeeping was held on-board of the ship.

In — Nadezhda sailing ship, acting as a business card of Vladivostok, made a trip around the Pacific dedicated to th anniversary of Vladivostok city and th anniversary of navigational education in Prymorye.

Apart from the first prize, the ship won special awards from the organizers: The sailing ship became an international platform for giving master classes and holding business meetings.

The Nadezhda made semi-circumnavigation by leaving the home port and going through the Indian Ocean.

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In the Nadezhda marked the 25th anniversary. The frigate celebrated the jubilee during the transoceanic run.News Professor of Lancaster University at BSU Tarix: 03/10/ Prof. James Sweeney visited Baku State University. | more IIT, Chicago-Kent College of Law with School of American Law for Caucasus Announces LL.M Program with Significant Scholarship.

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