Questionnarie on consumer buying behavior for branded clothes

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Questionnarie on consumer buying behavior for branded clothes

What drives consumers to choose a particular product with respect to others is a question which is often analyzed and studied by marketers.

Most of the selection process involved in purchasing is based on emotions and reasoning. The study of consumer behavior not only helps to understand the past but even predict the future.

The below underlined factors pertaining to the tendencies, attitude and priorities of people must be given due importance to have a fairly good understanding of the purchasing patterns of consumers 5.

Marketing Campaigns Advertisement plays a greater role in influencing the purchasing decisions made by consumers. They are even known to bring about a great shift in market shares of competitive industries by influencing the purchasing decisions of consumers. The Marketing campaigns done on regular basis can influence the consumer purchasing decision to such an extent that they may opt for one brand over another or indulge in indulgent or frivolous shopping.

Marketing campaigns if undertaken at regular intervals even help to remind consumers to shop for not so exciting products such as health products or insurance policies. Economic Conditions Consumer spending decisions are known to be greatly influenced by the economic situation prevailing in the market.

This holds true especially for purchases made of vehicles, houses and other household appliances. A positive economic environment is known to make consumers more confident and willing to indulge in purchases irrespective of their personal financial liabilities. Personal Preferences At the personal level, consumer behavior is influenced by various shades of likes, dislikes, priorities, morals and values.

In certain dynamic industries such as fashion, food and personal care, the personal view and opinion of the consumer pertaining to style and fun can become the dominant influencing factor.

Though advertisement can help in influencing these factors to some extent, the personal consumer likes and dislikes exert greater influence on the end purchase made by a consumer. Group Influence Group influence is also seen to affect the decisions made by a consumer.

The primary influential group consisting of family members, classmates, immediate relatives and the secondary influential group consisting of neighbors and acquaintances are seen have greater influence on the purchasing decisions of a consumer.

Purchasing Power Purchasing power of a consumer plays an important role in influencing the consumer behavior.

Questionnarie on consumer buying behavior for branded clothes

The consumers generally analyze their purchasing capacity before making a decision to buy and products or services.

The product may be excellent, but if it fails to meet the buyers purchasing ability, it will have high impact on it its sales.

Segmenting consumers based on their buying capacity would help in determining eligible consumers to achieve better results. Understanding, analyzing and keeping track of consumer behavior is very critical for a marketing department to retain their position successfully in the market place.

There are various other factors too that influence consumer behavior apart from the four listed above.Brand Loyalty and Factors Affecting Cosmetics Buying Behavior of Saudi Female Consumers Sheroog Alhedhaif, Qassim University, KSA influence of brand loyalty of cosmetics on the buying behavior of female consumers in the impact on consumer behavior and .

1 The Effect of Brand Awareness on Consumer Buying Behavior; Its Global New Product Innovation Survey found that nearly six in 10 consumers prefer to buy new products from familiar brands for.

Factors Influencing Consumer Buying Behaviour of Luxury Branded Goods Influence buying behaviour of consumer of luxury branded goods with the dependent variable (Consumer Buying Behaviour).

A survey questionnaire was developed using adaptation from earlier study done on the.

To study the consumers buying behavior towards clothing Retail Brands in Ahmedabad city

21 Fashion Questions to ask in a survey questionnaire to gather information on consumer behavior towards fashion, and how that determines their buying habits in the lifestyle / fashion industry.

These questions can be used to conduct a quick market study to understand fashion attitudes, their. Consumer Behaviour Questionnaire on Chips research, buying behaviour questionnaire by mahima Project on Consumer Perception About Branded Clothing Store and Merchandise Levis Stores and Koutons Store in India/5(8).

market. This research is designed to study factors related to consumer behavior on luxury goods purchasing in China. And four research hypotheses are proposed in this research. Based on samples, this study explores the factors such like demographic, motivation, cultural factor and brand equity affect consumer behavior on luxury goods in China.

5 Common Factors Influencing Consumer Behavior