Financial analysis case study vishal engineering

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Financial analysis case study vishal engineering

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Download PDF Hey, everyone. So our case study company. What type of company is it? Well, they own and operate clothing stores. In Washington, DC, and they have a staff of 50 people.

So now our case study company. Does our company need to perform financial analysis? Do we need to do that? Well, of course we do. Well, why do we need to do that?

Well, we need to perform vertical analysis because it helps us understand the relationship between individual accounts and overall revenue-- In the case of the income statement-- or total assets-- in the case of the balance sheet.

We also need horizontal analysis because it helps us understand trends in individual accounts. So how our individual accounts changing over time? And then we also need ratio analysis to help us understand our business operating performance in the case of profitability, or our business position and ability to pay debts in the case of liquidity ratios.

We can compare it to other companies and we can also compare ourselves against industry standards. So it helps us understand the business and where we fit in to our competitors and to our industry. So what we have here is income statement information from bothwhich is this year, as well aswhich is last year.

And in the case of the income statement, the base amount is net sales. So we have our dollar figures here on our income statement. So then we can understand how these individual financial statement line items relate to our base amount.

So how they relate to our net sales. So this changing composition. So we can go through the same type of exercise we went through on the income statement. So we express each line item as a percentage of that base amount. So we can understand the composition of these line items, as well as any changes over time.

Financial analysis case study vishal engineering

And then the other thing you can look at, down here, are notes payable. So our notes payable is going down, which makes sense. So if we first express these changes from one year to the next.

So the change from toin this example. We need to put a dollar value on that. So we need to see how much each of these individual financial statement line items is changing. Now, once we have that information, then we can convert that to a percentage increase so that we can understand how these individual lines are changing.

So the first thing we do is express that change in dollars.

Financial analysis case study vishal engineering

So what is the dollar increase all of these individual financial statement line items?About Computer Science Department. The Department was started in the year to offer Bachelor of Engineering (BE) degree program in Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) with annual intake of .

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