Factors affecting failing grade

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Factors affecting failing grade

Full Answer While some grade failures stem from external factors and influences, others derive from internal problems. Drug addiction and low levels of self-confidence, for instance, factor into academic performance. Some students blame just one factor, such as problems in relationships with family, friends, and loved ones, for failing grades.

Others, however, identify multiple factors, such as relationship issues and low levels of confidence. For some students, grades improve upon resolution of external issues, such as improving bonds with friends and family.

Regardless of whether caused by short or long-term issues, poor grades have wide-reaching consequences.

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Having poor grades exacerbates conditions like low self-esteem, and presents social challenges for students who perform at standards lower than their peers. Academic failure affects future academic endeavors, such as application to college, and sometimes jeopardizes potential for employment too.

Factors affecting failing grade

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Factors affecting failing grade

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