Documentary film analysis worksheet

Rationale for Using the Movie: The Post shows an inflection point in U.

Documentary film analysis worksheet

April DeGideo, the daughter of a former factory worker, now pub owner in Amber Pennsylvania ; and Harry Altman, an endearingly wired jokester who talks like a musical robot and picks out the National Anthem on the electric guitar, from Glen Rock, New Jersey.

Expressing opinions and exploring possibilities

Obviously the filmmakers have an impressively multicultural mix of kids. Although the point is not stressed, it looks like there are two single-parent households as well as several newly-minted American families.

Documentary film analysis worksheet

Several immigrant families perform the rite of praising the land of opportunity and equality; Angela gets a parade, TV coverage, even cheerleaders, after winning her regional bee; a mother says this competition is the one place where her kid is welcomed, appreciated, just one of the crowd.

Again, though a couple of the kids put in an unbelievable amount of work and training to prepare for the national bee, none of the parents seems obnoxiously pushy, just wonderfully supportive, and several are loveably kooky.

The pleasant and unintrusive music by Daniel Hulsizer consists largely of a xylophone and harmonica duo, with an acoustic guitar strumming in sometimes.

An earnest small businessman talks about supporting the local girl who has done good: After one of the kids chokes in the national, a sibling declares: I mean, something like that could be considered something of a liability.

This is truly a movie for the whole family. First, they did the rounds of film festivals for a good year, premiering at the South by Southwest in Marchtraveling to the Tribeca in May, Los Angeles.VoiceThread Universal lets you browse threads and hear comments in pages specially designed for screen readers.

Documentary film analysis worksheet

Click here to go to VoiceThread Universal. Sociology Through Documentary Film This list was originally created by Jessie Daniels, PhD (Hunter College and The Graduate Center-CUNY). Now that the list is a wiki, everyone is encouraged to create a login, update and add to the list.

DOCUMENTARY MODES WORKSHEET What are Modes? How does the length of shots fit with the other elements you have noted in your analysis (type of shots, subject matter, sound etc.)? Teaching Film and TV Documentary (Teaching Film and Media Studies) Ed. Sarah Casey Benyahia.

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AMERICAN GANGSTER: American Gangster Trailer (YouTube) American Gangster (film) - a true story It "is a crime film written by Steve Zaillian and directed by Ridley Scott.

Describe one scene from the film, illustrating the horror of the Genocide. What did the Soviet government do that led to the Famine-Genocide? Assignment Part 2 “Harvest of Despair”.

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