Crime in pakistan

Under the colonial aspects of the law, the section of the Penal Code criminalizing consensual same-sex relations dates back to 6 October under the colonial rule of the British Raj. Written by Lord Macaulaythe Indian Penal Codeas it was named at the time, made same-sex sexual acts illegal under the Anglo-Saxon law of "Unnatural Offences", known as carnal knowledge. The amendments included primitive forms of penalization like whipping of up to lashes and death by stoning.

Crime in pakistan

A British General and a garrison of solders on horseback investigated the Hunza River Valley in the s. Hunza was a tiny kingdom located in a remote valley miles km long and only one mile 1. These peaks soar Crime in pakistan a height of 25, feet m and belong to the Karakoram Range, broadly known in the West as the Himalayas.

The pass to reach Hunza from Gilgit, Pakistan, was 13, feet m high, a difficult and treacherous trail. Upon entering the valley, the British found the steep, rocky sides of the valley lined with terraced garden plots, fruit trees, and animals being raised for meat and milk.

The gardens were watered with mineral-rich glacier water carried by an aqueduct system running a distance of 50 miles 80 km from the Ultar Glacier on the 25, foot m high Mount Rakaposhi.

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The wooden aqueduct trough was hung from the sheer cliffs by steel nails hammered into the rock walls. Silt from the river below was carried up the side of the valley to form and replenish the terraced gardens. The average annual precipitation in Hunza is less than two inches.

Ultar Peak rising above Baltit, the capital of Hunza, is spectacular. The Old Palace is on the hill above the village. Click the picture to see an enlargement. The difficult trail into Hunza kept the people isolated.

As late asmost of the children of Hunza had never seen a wheel or a Jeep even though airplanes were landing at the airport in Gilgit, Pakistan, only 70 miles km away. John Clark reported in his book, Hunza - Lost Kingdom of the Himalayas, that he could see three peaks above 25, feet and eleven glaciers all at once from Shishpar Glacier Nullah canyon overlooking the Hunza valley.

See page 92 in John Clark's book listed below. The Hunzakuts, as they are called, had signed a peace treaty with their neighboring communities about 10 years prior to the arrival of the British.

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They had been a warrior community preying upon the Chinese trading caravans as they traveled the high mountain passes between Sinkiang and Kashmir.

The Hunzakuts profited for a time by their thievery, plunder, and murder, but they were hated by their neighbors.

Crime in pakistan

According to Hunzakut folklore, a peace treaty was signed because the Mir's son convinced his father to end their murderous ways. Burushaski, the language of the Hunzakuts, is much different from other languages of the region and appears to be a mixture of the languages of Ancient Macedonian and the Hellenistic Persian Empire.

However, the people also learned to speak the written Urdu language of Pakistan and other languages of the region. The terraced gardens were extensive with up to 50 cascading levels. The people lived in communities below.Pakistani Talk shows,Urdu News,Latest Pakistani News,English News,Jobs Employment and Insurance,Live News feed,Breaking News and Discussion Forum,Pakistani Scandals and .

THE PAKISTAN PENAL CODE (ACT NO. XLV OF ) [6th October, ] CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION. Preamble. Whereas it is expedient to provide a general Penal Code for Pakistan: It is enacted as follows:–.

Checkout for the Latest and Top News from Pakistan and around the world. THE PAKISTAN PENAL CODE (ACT NO. XLV OF ) [6th October, ] CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION.

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Preamble. Whereas it is expedient to provide a general Penal Code for Pakistan: It is enacted as follows:–.

Crime in pakistan

UNODC supports development of national indicators for SDGs 3 and 16 in Central Asia. 21 November - The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, Regional Office for Central Asia and the General Prosecutor's Office of the Republic of Uzbekistan, hosted a two-day "Meeting on Monitoring and Implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals: Supporting the five Central Asian states.

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