Course project week 7

You will be generating a detailed project plan, including a project work breakdown structure, schedule, and cost estimate to justify the project, and then use these tools to monitor, control, and forecast results of your project. Each part of this project cannot be done in the last couple of days before it is due. You must start early, 2 or 3 weeks, before each is due if you wish to do well on them.

Course project week 7

The iLab exercises you have been given will give you practice with the specific programming techniques you need to complete the course project, but these are small, self-contained, academic programs.

Just completing the iLabs will not lead you on a path to becoming a software developer. The objective of the Course Project is to give you practice applying the programming techniques to a complete development project. The actual programming problem is not too difficult, but in order to be successful with the Course Project you will need to be able to apply the programming techniques and accomplish the analysis and design of the problem as well.

This implies that you need to understand the weekly concepts as well as the programming techniques so you can apply both to the software development project. The course project is divided into four increments and you will complete one new increment each week. Each new increment builds upon the previous weeks, which means that each week you need to be successful in completing the weekly increment requirements; otherwise, you will not be able to add new increments in subsequent weeks.

If you cannot get an increment working, then make sure you contact your professor for help. There are three things that you need to do to be successful in the course project: You can do the project analysis and design before you start coding, but the iLab exercises will give you practice in the programming techniques you need to complete the project.

If you start analysis and design at the beginning of the week, then you will have time to ask questions in the TDAs and get your questions answered early. Deliverables Starting in Week 4, you will create the IPO chart and pseudocode for the program, then you will continue to update the IPO chart and pseudocode each week.

The MS Visual Studio Project file will also be updated from week to week, so there will be no need to start from scratch each week. Each week you will submit the following: Current IPO chart and pseudocode 2.


MS Visual Studio Project folder 3. Programming Standards Each increment of the program will adhere to the following standards: Each source file will have a header describing the program, programmers name, date, purpose of the program, and increment.

Each source file will adhere to the coding standards provided in the lecture, or given by the Professor. Each program will have an introductory output message introducing the program to the user and providing directions.

Course project week 7

All program output will be well structured, easy to read, and appropriately formatted. Test Plan Your test plan should test for a variety of cases.

In your test plan list the values you tested along with a screenshot for each. You should test both incorrect and correct inputs. Problem Description You will be creating a Hangman program.

In this game, the computer will have a hard coded word and the user will enter one letter at a time until he or she has guesses the correct word.

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A score will be tallied that will be the number of incorrect guesses the user has.Oct 16,  · Click here for HIT Week 7 Course Project. Nisan Williams 10/22/ Acct Week 7 Course Project The Proctor & Gamble Company (P&G) Note 1 SIGNIFICANT ACCOUNTING POLICIES Identifying significant accounting policies helps Proctor & Gamble to interpret its financial statements and facilitate better financial presentation of its franchise.

Course Resources: PROJ Course Project Week 4, Week 7. Useful guidance material for DeVry University students to secure higher grades. Pinnacle Manufacturing Part VII.

Assume that your understanding of internal controls over acquisitions and cash disbursements and the related tests of controls and substantive tests of transactions support an assessment of a low control risk.

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