Bloor research white papers

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Bloor research white papers

Exaptive offers a rapid application development platform for data science. For more information visit: Organizations with high volumes of transactions — banks, telcos and retailers — have for decades trusted the mainframe for its impeccable performance and reliability with transaction processing.

And indeed, no doubt its impact will soon be dramatic, but it is not as new as many people suppose. In respect to consumer-facing technology, we can trace the IOT back to the invention of ATMs in the late s, nearly 50 year ago.

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True, we are pushing the definition of IOT here. The first ATMs were not connected, and their connected use only became widespread in the s — and even then, although it was a connected device, it initially only qualified as an Intranet of Things.

Other such early applications included control systems in semi-automated factories. Sensors were placed at key points on production lines and would monitor activity in order to optimize the speed of the production line.

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These were the first real-time systems, and they were also implemented in chemical plants and oil refineries. RFID tags also emerged sooner than one might imagine, invented in and deployed in limited applications soon afterwards.

Bloor research white papers

They too became part of the early IOT.This is the first in a new series of Skylogic Research white papers, intended to provide an introduction to drone use in specific industries. Our goal is to help drone-based service providers and business users maximize the value that drones can bring to operational groups.

The Agile Mainframe: Compuware Re-Engergizes the Mainframe. by Robin Bloor, Ph.D. and Rebecca Jozwiak.

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While the likes of such companies as Google and Facebook build upon the power of distributed computing, large corporations know that some tasks simply run better on mainframes.

WHITE PAPER Investing in security versus facing the consequences | Bloor Research White Paper November 04, SHARE. Executive summary. The internet and associated electronic communications mechanisms have revolutionized the way that we handle information, connect with each other and interact with organizations.

Bloor Research is one of.

Bloor research white papers

White Paper Women in the Workforce A killsoft ® survey report 3 SHARE ON 1. WHAT ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT ISSUES FACING WOMEN IN THE WORKFORCE TODAY?

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Key findings: A majority of respondents identify work-life balance as the most important issue facing women in the workforce.

This paper seeks to explain what events are, why they are important to your business, and what the options are for processing and managing these events to gain business advantage.

Bloor Research White Paper: (Complex) Event Processing. Data migration is a subject that has traditionally been ignored by both analysts and the market. However, that is changing, and with this article we are announcing the availability of two papers on the topic that are available for free download from the Bloor Research web site.

Bloor Research White Paper: (Complex) Event Processing