An analysis of the glass managerie by tennesse williams

They were the dreamers that were unjustly kept out and you may even go as far as to say persecuted into staying out and aloof like the other dreamers which are forced to become outcasts and not contribute to the actions of all. Tom and Laura, the two dreamers, were pushed by their mom, Amanda, to her frame of mind and the thoughts of a hard working society. They both stumbled on the fire escape which served as a gateway, physically and mentally. Tom had the problem of fitting in at the warehouse were he worked, because is the warehouse really a place for someone like him and his mind rebelled.

An analysis of the glass managerie by tennesse williams

Amanda, Laura, and Tom Wingfield all seek to escape the dull and depressing reality of their situation. They engage in escapism by retreating into their own fantasies which push them farther apart.

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The play uses their desire to escape reality to emphasize the role of the s as an exciting escape from the s. Amanda Wingfield escapes reality by living in the past.

“The Glass Menagerie” by Tennessee Williams: Tom and His Irony Essay Sample By the end of the play, they are even more deeply enmeshed in their claustrophobic, closed world than they were at the beginning.
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Faded Southern Belle He drew many of the elements of his plays from his own life. He was born in Columbus, MS, to a violent, aggressive traveling salesman and a high-minded, puritanical, preacher's daughter.
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The Glass Menagerie Her problem is neither that she is insensitive nor that she is an overprotective mother attempting to keep her children under her wings.

At every opportunity she reminds her children of her connection to the planter class. As a woman abandoned by her husband and living in poverty, Amanda seeks consolation in the fact that she might once have married into the planter elite.

Amanda also implies she was one of the elite. While Amanda ought to be proud she has raised two children alone for sixteen years, instead she takes pride in her exaggerated incompetence because in her warped imagination it indicates her high social status. Amanda fails to recognize this in her daughter.

Her obsession with refined Southern manners and class helps her to blot out the uncomfortable truths of her existence. Laura Wingfield is shy and self-conscious of her disability and escapes to a fragile fantasy world to escape her troubled existence.

This aggravates the alienation Laura feels from society. Like his sister Laura, Tom retreats to worlds of fantasy and imagination but he is more outgoing and mature in his tastes. He writes poetry and spends almost every night at the movie theater. Tom uses the movies to fill a void in his life, a fact he is at pains to explain to Amanda.

Tom is not happy with the kind of life Amanda is pushing him into and watching adventure in the movies helps him to cope with the oppressive atmosphere of his home life. Tom spends most of his nights out at the movies which worries Amanda.

An analysis of the glass managerie by tennesse williams

Her disappointment in Tom drives a wedge between them. Tom eventually decides that escapism is a poor substitute for real escape. Tom comes to a realization that neither Amanda nor Laura seem to reach, that escapism is an impediment to action.

Tom cannot have his own adventures if he remains stuck in his boring job and goes to the movies every night. The Glass Menagerie suggests that the s, marked by global conflict and upheaval, were an escape from the dismal s.

The play presents the Spanish Civil War as a ray of hope for adventure and change in the s and as a prelude for the changes to come in the s. America, like Tom, is waiting for an escape from its dull existence. This unique perspective views the violence of the s as a relief to Americans left dismal and desperate by the Great Depression.

The escapism offered by entertainment serves as a substitute for the real excitement of war. They are promises of real excitement but they can do little more than provide temporary satisfaction.

The entire play seems to suggest that the s in America was merely a boring and uncomfortable waiting period for the excitement and danger of the s. Many Americans, young and old, male and female, found excitement at the movie theater.

For many people impoverished by the Great Depression, the movies were one of the few affordable forms of entertainment available.

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The movies also provided a variety of entertainments. For a small price, moviegoers could get a wide variety of entertainment and could take their minds off of their own troubles.

Like many people in America during the Great Depression, Amanda, Laura, and Tom seek relief from their dreary lives by escaping reality. Although each of them retreats to a different place, they all seek escapism for the same reason, to help them cope with their place in life.The Glass Menagerie mirrors Tennessee Williams’s life.

Born Thomas Lanier Williams, Tennessee had a difficult childhood, suffering from diphtheria followed by Bright’s disease, which made it impossible for him to walk for the next two years. Course Hero's expert-written discussion question and answer pairs for Tennessee Williams's The Glass Menagerie offer insight and analysis on themes, symbols, characters, and more.

6 According to Dakin Williams, younger brother of Tennessee, “The events of The Glass Menagerie are a virtually literal rendering of our family life There There was a real Jim O’Connor, who was brought home for my sister.

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The Glass Menagerie play is a melancholy family drama written by Tennessee was first performed on Broadway in , meeting with astounding box-office success and a . 1 THE GLASS MENAGERIE The Play SCENE ONE Tennessee Williams gives you a lengthy set of stage directions at the start.

Table of Contents Summary Summary Part 2 Summary Part 3 Summary Part 4 Literary Analysis Further Resources Web Resources This is a great collection of scholarly and in-depth analysis about the works of Tennessee Williams and includes several articles about The Glass Menagerie in . The Glass Menagerie is a memory play, so it is not representational. Williams uses transparent wall of gauze to make the action hazy, like memory it is often unclear. Another way Williams emphasises the play being memory is by omitting and exaggerating certain details. The Glass Menagerie study guide contains a biography of Tennessee Williams, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis.

He wants you to see the run-down tenement where the Wingfield family lives, and he wants to create a mood that combines.

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